Youth Programs


The Buck Leonard Baseball League is our organization's centerpiece. The league enrolls boys and girls ages 5-15 years old in a twelve-game league schedule, and 5-7 years old in a 2-week summer Introduction to Baseball camp.


More than just a baseball program" - we're committed to discovering ways to combine sports involvement with a healthy appreciation for academic excellence. We believe that children have more fun with the creative blending of organized play and active learning. 

Neighborhood Events

Girls, Girls - Getting in shape!

Dressed- out for the game - uniforms provided by Youth Sports Bureau of Spartanburg, SC, baseball equipment provided by Pitching for Baseball

Former MLB player Tony Scott conducts Annual B.L.- ASHE Camp.

STEM'S Club visits Rocky Mount water treament facility


Nothing brings people together like a well-planned events. Buck Leonard Assoc. for Sports & Human Enrichment, NC. hosts numerous fun-filled activities and events, From our community based baseball league to our annual awards program, events help raise awareness for issues affecting the community [Read More]


There are many issues affecting the quality of life in our inner city communities, from low performing schools to unemployment and scarce youth development services.Buck Leonard Association works to provide a more organic approach to services design and delivery. Our all volunteer staffed organization sees great value in fostering working partnerships with other agencies to offer the diverse range of services needed for children to thrive...


Board Member Dr. John Avent (center) with and supporter Luther Norman and  former Negro League player  Clifford Layton during annual baseball camp

Math and science enrichment excursions - part of the baseball experience