We Can and Must do it Now! 


Established in 1999, Buck Leonard Assoc. For Sports & Human Enrichment is a community based organization that holds civic duty and service in high regard. We believe that every resident plays a vital role in the health and well-being of  children of our community and city.

Our goal and mission, since inception, is to offer sports and personal enrichment services to children of low wealth families while assisting families to gain access to the diverse family service resources needed for children's positive outcomes.

With a small all volunteer staff and a core group of volunteers, we have managed to build a number of partnerships with local businesses and organizations from around the area. It is our partnerships that have allowed us to create and provide baseball and other enrichment services to children for over fifteen years.


Your Participation Counts


    Open to everyone, Buck Leonard Association. For Sports & Human Enrichment strives to reach and serve the more marginalized populations of the community. We understand that we can do this best with the participation of a diverse core of volunteers - the more people become involved the more things get done. Whether planning a community event, an educational excursion for youth, or a neighborhood cleanup, we have and will always encourage people to join in on the ground floor.

   You can learn more about our association by arranging to meet with us at our office, or scheduling a time for us to meet with you at a preferred location.




Coach Geoffrey Hunter guiding